Content Marketing Is King

What is selling? Do you like selling? Most people don’t. A lot of that distaste for selling has to do with false perceptions. The fast talking slick car sales person or the one at the discount furniture place who sees you as $$$ written all over your forehead. I’m sure you have all encountered them […]

Internet Marketing Is Risky Business

Is internet marketing risky business or the road to riches? Let me ask you a question? Would you climb the highest building in your city and jump off with no parachute, no plan and hope that you land safely on the ground? Of course not. Then why do people do this when they get into […]

Marketing Plan= Good Marketing Scents

Do you have good marketing scents? Do you understand the game you are in? Do you have a marketing plan or are you just winging it? There is so much noise out there today both in the offline world and the digital world. This is causing people or your potential customers to turn up their […]

9 Reasons Why People Fail

The secret to success is…. Ask 25 people what the secret to success is and you will have 25 different answers. After over 3 decades in business I can honestly say I know what the secret to success is. The secret is….that there is no secret. Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Stephen R. Covey […]

Amazing Results of An Effective Marketing Plan

Creating a genius marketing plan…. Is it really necessary to create a marketing plan for your business? Would you like to go on a flight with pilots who had no plan of how they would reach their destination? Of course not! Your marketing plan is your compass of your plan of action? If you don’t […]

Getting Results Building Brand Awareness Around You

Marketing you for brand awareness…. If you look at some of the most successful companies you will find brand awareness as a key component of their marketing plan.Brand awareness is all about creating an image that is etched in people’s minds when they go to make a purchase.MacDonald’s is a perfect example as their brand […]