Shifting Into An Attitude Of Gratitude

Time for a mind shift and adopting -an attitude of gratitude… Do you wake up every morning wishing things were better? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Life can seem nasty sometimes. I believe it is a matter of perspective. I am going back to 1998 when I was the owner of a certified […]

Building A Growth Mindset

The importance of a growth mindset Do you have a growth mindset or do you have a scarcity mindset? Do you believe that if you win someone else has to lose? It’s interesting to see how people have come to believe that when they gain someone has to go without. Where does this belief of […]

Shift In Mindset = New Perspective

Putting it in perspective keeps it real… Having the right perspective about life keeps you grounded. Did you ever stop to think what kind of mindset you have everyday? What are you thinking right now? Are you happy? Is life fair? Do you feel a sense of gratitude for all that you have? Your brain […]

Inspiring Quotes To Live By

Reading inspiring quotes everyday improves your mindset It takes a lot of little things to make up a big thing. The things you give your attention to will go a long way to how you think. Take words for example. If you develop the habit of reading inspiring quotes every day and more specifically in […]

How To Be Successful – Secrets Revealed

Facts about how to be successful Is how to be successful about being smarter than everyone else? Well, if you look at the majority of the world’s billionaires (most of them have no university degrees) the answer is a resounding ,NO. Is how to be successful about knowing the right people? This might help you […]