IPAS2 – Review – Marketing Edge

Are all network marketing companies the same? There are over 1000 companies to choose from in the network marketing industry. The challenge for most people is trying to figure out which company is right for them. After 20+ years in the network marketing industry I have worked with a number of different companies and I […]

Entrepreneurship -Discover A Better Way

What is entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is when you make the decision to start a business or an organization. An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business on their own and the sole responsibility of the success rests on their shoulders. The world economy has gone through several recessions since the great depression and up until about […]

Financial Freedom Or Security – You Choose!

Do you believe that financial freedom is a reality? What story have you bought into? From a very early age the majority of people have been told to go and get an education so that you can get a good job. How is that plan working out for you? The world was humming along with […]

Successful Role Models In Network Marketing

Do you have great role models in your life… You have joined a great opportunity and now you need to build your business. Do you have good leadership or great role models to guide you through the process of building your network marketing business? There are a number of key factors that you need to […]

Know The Game You Are In

Know the game you are in One of my mentors taught me a key phrase to making a decision about business. Know the game you are in. What do you want? Simple question but yet so difficult for most people to answer. If you don’t know what you want how will you know when you […]

Network Marketing – Perfect Business Model?

Network Marketing a scam or is this a real business model… I’m sure there a lot of you who have heard about this thing called network marketing. Maybe someone has even approached you to join them in a business that uses network marketing as it’s mode of operation. Network marketing has been operating as a […]

Entrepreneurs Dream – Mailbox Money

Understanding the power of leverage Knowledge is potential power but applied knowledge is where the real power is generated. Take the number of hours in a day for example. Everyone gets exactly the same. 24 hours a day. No more or no less. The average person puts in their time while the wealthy person uses […]

11 Reasons to Start Your Own Home Business

Is starting A Home Business Right For You? These are very interesting times we are living in. Depending on what generation you are from I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind about starting your own home business. The corporate world structure that existed for many decades has been eroded and people are being left […]

Discover the Truth About Network Marketing

Are You Serious or Curious? Are you familiar with the adage: “If you treat your business like a hobby, you get paid like a hobby. If you treat your business like a business, you get paid like a business.”However, often cliché statements can fall upon deaf ears when repeated over and over again.I have tried […]

Breaking News – Working From Home Trend Explodes

Is it time for you to consider working from home….. Did you know that working from home is making more sense to more people? Is it your turn? Are you tired of that awful commute to work? Is your boss a jerk who pushes you all day to do more?Corporate America has drastically changed over […]