The Three “P”s Of Success

Purpose, passion and persistence Do you have what it takes to be successful? Do you have a burning desire to be successful? The road to success is laden with lots of obstacles and how you prepare for your journey will determine greatly how well you succeed. There are many attributes you must have and develop […]

Ignite Your Passion With A Burning Desire

Do you have a burning desire to be successful… When you wake up in the morning do you have a burning desire to engage in your day? Have you defined your purpose and do you know one of the biggest drivers for successful people, your “Why”. Do you know what inspires and motivates you? Having  passion […]

Discover a New Life With The Power of Passion

Is your life on fire with passion every day… It’s great to be excited and embrace every day with passion? Do you love what you do? Is there a spark in your life that ignites you with passion? What is your “Why”? You do have dreams don’t you? Your not going to let any dreamstealers […]

Understanding Your PURPOSE in Life

Life’s most universal question “what is my purpose or meaning in life”. We search far and wide to answer this question. We look to others to try to answer it for us. In reality we have had the answer within us all along. It is part of you when you are born into this world. […]