Do You Know How To Get What You Want?

Do you know how to get what you want out of life? This might sound like a trick question. The majority of people (over 80% according to the book The Passion Test) ) are not passionate about what they are doing, then this means a lot of people don’t have the answer. The truth of […]

Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

In business and in life sometimes you win sometimes you learn… Do you react or respond when things don’t go your way? Life happens to us all and you have to develop good coping mechanisms to work your way through the struggles that inevitably happen. A coping mechanism can be exercise, praying, meditation, listening to […]

Network Marketing – Perfect Business Model?

Network Marketing a scam or is this a real business model… I’m sure there a lot of you who have heard about this thing called network marketing. Maybe someone has even approached you to join them in a business that uses network marketing as it’s mode of operation. Network marketing has been operating as a […]

13 Reasons Why People Succeed

Do you see yourself being successful? What is success? Ask any 25 people and you will likely hear 25 different answers. The answers to what is success might be different but the things that make you successful are the same. The principles or foundation of success is kind of like a cake recipe. It takes […]

Climb the Mountain of Success With A Personal Development Plan

You will get stranded without a personal development plan Do you believe in having a personal development plan? Do you believe in investing in yourself? Are you on the fast track to success but find that you are getting derailed by your mind chatter? Having a personal development plan is critical because you need to […]

How you can keep it all in perspective

It is important to maintain a proper perspective… Do you find yourself getting upset over little things or do you keep it all in perspective? Do you have an open mind or are you narrow minded?The challenge of keeping things in perspective is that you have so many influences playing on you.If you are going […]

Personal breakthroughs that shift your life.

How to create epic personal breakthroughs…. Are you struggling how to overcome fear? Are your limiting beliefs holding you back?You need personal breakthroughs to take you to your next level.The question is,how do you know what is holding you back?Most of you have a belief system that stems back to your childhood. You were fed […]

Network marketing tips that shift your business.

Strategic network marketing tips…. Are you struggling to make your business work? How would you like to have 5 key network marketing tips that will transform your business?When I first got into network marketing about 25 years ago I did not understand how it worked at all. I struggled to adapt my thinking.You are not […]