Are You Stuck In Your Comfort Zone?

Are you fired up or are you on cruise control? Are you passionate about what you are doing? Did you know that over 80% of Americans (according to the book The Passion Test) are not passionate about anything? A lot of those people have shifted into their comfort zone and they are stuck. Are you […]

Are You Taking Responsibility For Your Results?

Are you taking responsibility for what shows up in your life? Have you ever noticed how convenient it is to point a finger at someone or something else? Did you also notice that there was 4 fingers pointing back at you? Funny how that works. No one wants to be responsible for getting poor results […]

Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

In business and in life sometimes you win sometimes you learn… Do you react or respond when things don’t go your way? Life happens to us all and you have to develop good coping mechanisms to work your way through the struggles that inevitably happen. A coping mechanism can be exercise, praying, meditation, listening to […]

Get Results From Traffic University

Using your most precious commodity -time… Have you ever heard people say – I have no time? For some strange reason the clock must be ticking faster than 10 years ago because no one seems to have any time to do what they want. There might be some ways that we are not equal in […]

Words Of Wisdom – Feed Yourself Daily

Pay attention to what you feed your mind…. You will discover that if you feed your mind words of wisdom every day you will be able to maintain a positive attitude more often. Make sure that what you read, listen to and watch is positive and uplifting.This will allow you to keep a better perspective […]