Taking Personal Responsibility For Your Results

What exactly does it mean taking  personal responsibility for your results? Do you play the blame game? Every time something doesn’t go according to your plan you like to point fingers. You might not, but a lot of people like to blame others for not achieving their goals or results. What happens when you point […]

Words Of Wisdom – Feed Yourself Daily

Pay attention to what you feed your mind…. You will discover that if you feed your mind words of wisdom every day you will be able to maintain a positive attitude more often. Make sure that what you read, listen to and watch is positive and uplifting.This will allow you to keep a better perspective […]

Personal Responsibility – Is It Time To Get Some?

Are You Making Excuses and Blaming Others? Stop it! Do you like to take the path of least resistance? Are you someone who stands up for themselves and accepts the responsibilities for your decisions and actions? Most people unfortunately like to take the easy road instead of the higher road. Taking responsibility for what you […]