Power of Positive Thinking – Make The Shift

Does the power of positive thinking really work? The power of positive thinking works but it is only one component of what you must do to win the game of life. The power of positive thinking is what goes on in your mind but if you never take action then it is just a thought. […]

Manifesting Your Life With The Power of Intention

Live a dream life with the power of intention… Do you believe that the power of intention would help you live a better life? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? What’s the difference between power of intention and goal setting?Are you wandering aimlessly around through life or do you have focus and […]

How to make a difference in business and life

Do you know how to make a difference? Do you have influence over others?How to make a difference should be a life mantra of everyone.Do you realize that you have a powerful influence on the people around you? You might not be aware of it but the words you speak and the actions you take […]