Mach 2 With Your Hair On Fire – Self Motivation

Are you running around like your hair is on fire? Richard Bliss Brooke authored a book titled “Mach 2 With Your Hair On Fire” – The art of vision and self motivation. Its a fascinating read that defines what is vision and why you need to have one for your life. Are you just waking […]

Perception is reality or grand illusion.

What is your belief of perception is reality… What is your self image?You generally have an image of yourself based on your life’s experiences and the influence of the people closest to you.Perception is reality is all about the story that you have bought into and subscribed to as yours.If you really want to achieve […]

Pension Pal

Is your pension getting flushed? There are solutions. Understanding where business is going is the key to learning, adapting and getting ahead.