Create Success With Youtube Video Marketing

Crush it in your business with Youtube video marketing… How are you delivering your marketing message in your business? Blogging is a great long term strategy to build your brand and provide lots of great content for your audience. The game changer is really Youtube video marketing. More than 65% of the bandwidth used on […]

Become A Youtube Marketing Rockstar

Youtube marketing is badass when you get it right… Are you doing Youtube marketing for your business or website? Youtube has totally transformed the marketplace as the the marketers edge goes to people doing Youtube marketing versus text based posts. When you stack up the statistics it is overwhelming when you look at Youtube video […]

Online Video Marketing Crushes The Competition

Go wild with your online video marketing… The dramatic shift in marketing means you must have an online video marketing strategy for your business to rocket your sales. In the last few years online video marketing is responsible for over 60 % of all the bandwidth used on the internet.There is no coincidence in this […]