The Law of IFisms

Are You living Your Life In The…WHAT IF?

Are you one of those people that spends time pondering the what if scenarios in your life?

What if I win the lottery? What if everyone starts asking me for money? What if I get that job I want? What if I meet the person of my dreams and they don’t like me? What if I get hurt doing that? What if other people won’t like me if I do that?

The scenarios are endless. This would basically be you believing that everything and everybody but you are in control of your destiny. Lots of people play this game with themselves where they create all of these possible scenarios.

Then you do something even worse, you worry about it.

Create Your Freedom

Create Your Freedom


Worry is a form of fear, spelled F.E.A.R …. False Evidence that Appears Real. Ifisms will paralyze your creative mind, block your intuition and signal your subconscious mind that you are not in control.


Each one of us is born with an incredible power, the power of choice. A choice to be kind or unkind. A choice to be caring or not to care. A choice to love or hate. It is up to you.

Ask yourself, “If I take over my life choices, is this better for me than if I let someone else decide for me?” “If I stand up for myself, is this better”, “if I choose what is best for me, if I choose the values and principles that make me happy, is this best for me?”


When we are born, our parents teach us their values, principles and ways of life. What if we choose to believe that there may be some better ways for us?

After all, we are all unique individuals in many ways. We have different characteristics and personalities from our parents. What if we make different choices?

What if you decide to take control of your life? What if you take responsibility and are accountable for your decisions and actions? The worse case scenario is that you will make mistakes and LEARN.

What if you let other people run your life and they are really looking out for themselves, not you. This is not a what if that you want.

What if you truly are a wonderful, creative, intelligent, gifted person? (And you probably are!) What if you hold yourself back from living the life of your dreams?

Become the creator of your dreams, discover the real you and live your life to the fullest. Do not live the life of what if?

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