The Secret On How To Promote A Blog

Do you want to know how to get your blog exposed?

The king of search engines Google keeps changing the game so it is very difficult for new bloggers to get traction with their blog.

You really have to have a sound system how to promote a blog to get more traffic, which gets you more leads and (if you do it right) gets you more conversions.

If you try to game the system it will be short lived and Google will punish you.

Ultimately you are after getting more eyeballs of potential customers to read, like and buy your stuff.

How to promote a blog needs a strategic system and you have to work at it to build it up.

If you try to cheat the system, just remember who is watching; Google.

What are the chances you can outsmart Google and stay in the game? Zero (o)

No business turns into an empire overnight.

There is one key point that is totally on you, the content that you produce in your blog posts, Youtube videos and Facebook videos.

If your content is garbage then it will not matter what Google does, your potential customers will just click off your blog and go somewhere else to find a solution to their problem.

How To Promote A Blog

How To Promote A Blog

How to promote a blog to get massive results!

Now that you have started to pump out some great blog posts the real work begins.

Being an author of a blog is like being an author of a book you just wrote.

Now you need to go tell the world who you are and what you have for them.

After all you are one of millions of blogs.

The process of promoting your blog is the biggest task you will have.

As I mentioned above, it is not about making more noise than the next person, it is about creating vale in your content.

Blogging is a long slow process because you can’t just wake up one day and the next the whole world knows about you.

Google knows that you are a human and you can’t pump out 10-20 blog posts a day and have thousands of people naturally show up. (at least at the beginning)

Article syndication is one great way for you to tap into a resource that can get you more eyeballs faster.

Syndication is the way to greater exposure.

Do you want to learn the power of syndication?

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Content syndication is the way to rock your blog results

Content syndication is the collaborative effort of you and a group of other internet marketers.

The other process of content syndication is when you subscribe to specific services that will post your content in a variety of places on the internet to create even more exposure for you.

The issue with the services doing your article syndication is that your posts might end up in places that don’t appear natural to Google and they have a big hammer that can knock your blog around.

The group syndication approach (if done properly) will allow for you to get actual engagement to your blog posts by way of likes, comments and shares.

The blog syndication group needs to be managed so that the integrity of the group is protected.

All forms of engagement is one of the primary criteria that Google uses to rank blog posts and ultimately get your site to rank well.

How To Promote Your Blog

How To Promote Your Blog

How to promote a blog on social media

One of the free resources available for doing your article syndication is on social media networks.

You can create a Facebook page along with your personal page and post your articles there.

Just make sure that your articles are not spammy.

This will get in you in trouble anywhere.

I mean things like, join me and make $10,000.00 a day in your first 30 days.

Get my system and have 1,000’s of new leads pouring into your optin box overnight.

This is what I refer to as crap marketing.

You can also join many relevant groups in most of the social media networks.

They are free to join and post your content.

Once you start to get people to like, comment and share your articles then you can engage in a conversation with them to move them over to your blog.

The reason for this is because you control your blog not your social media accounts.

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How To Promote Your Blog

How To Promote Your Blog

The key to effective video syndication

Content is always in a variety of forms and when you look at the stats on Youtube you quickly see there is power in video marketing.

People are more inclined to watch a video than read a text based post.

Video syndication is a powerful way to get your Youtube videos ranked which means more eyeballs on your stuff.

Getting content ranked requires a systematic approach.

Your video starts with research on a primary keyword that has between 300-1000 searches per month.

When you do a Google search on the keyword at the bottom of the page are searches related to the keyword.

You can select 3-4 of these as secondary keywords.

Then you have to do on page SEO and off page SEO to get your views and ranking increased.

3 of Youtube’s criteria is full video views (watched to the end), comments and embeds which means people are embedding your video link on their blogs.

Then you need to get backlinks to your video.

A video syndication group will help you solve all the off page SEO.

You get natural comments, views and embeds. Imagine getting your videos on page one.

What would that do for your business?

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How To Promote A Blog

How To Promote A Blog


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