The Three “P”s Of Success

Purpose, passion and persistence

Do you have what it takes to be successful? Do you have a burning desire to be successful? The road to success is laden with lots of obstacles and how you prepare for your journey will determine greatly how well you succeed.

There are many attributes you must have and develop in order to be truly successful. I will go through three of the most prominent ones to have in your arsenal of weapons to step on to the battlefield to conquer the business world.

Napoleon Hill outlined in his classic Think and Grow Rich that it all begins with definiteness of purpose.

The second one is passion for doing what you want to do.

The third one is persistence because there will be days that seem like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and persistence to go on is a must.

The breakthroughs that you experience on your journey will not come from wishing and hoping that things get better.

You hone all your skills by stepping on to the battlefield and engaging 100% of yourself to learn, grow and apply.

Definiteness of purpose

What do you want? Sounds like a very simple question. The ironic thing is that most people don’t know. I’m not talking about generalities like make more money, travel or live a better quality lifestyle. What does that mean exactly?

If you don’t know what you want you will end up going in all directions because you will be prone to going after every shiny object that comes along.

Have you written out what you want? Here is the bizarre thing, people usually know what they don’t want. I have a solution.

I took a course on Law of Attraction with Michael Losier and he created worksheets for you to figure out what you want by contrast. You can use his worksheets for any area of your life. Click the link and go to Michael’s site and under Law of Attraction you will see worksheets in the drop down menu.



Passion -do what you love and love what you do

Do you love what your doing? Janet and Chris Attwood created a workshop which spiralled into a blossoming business called “The Passion Test”. What they discovered was that over 80% of people were not passionate about what they were doing.

You start off in life, often times under the heavy influence of family and friends, and somewhere down the road you discover that you hate what you do. So many people chase after money or get caught up in someone else’s dreams.

If you want to do the passion test for yourself go to Janet and Chris’s site and just for fun do it. Click the link and have some fun.

Why go through life always waiting for the day to be over or being one of those TGIF (thank god its Friday) people. Why only look forward to two days a week?

Do you want to change directions? Do you want to ignite your passions? Do you want to create a whole new lifestyle for you and your family?

Click the link now and watch the video and see how ordinary people stuck in their lives made a decision to change. Click the link and see what is possible for YOU!



Persistence – How to be unstoppable…

A lot of people process persistence as something to grind through. Successful people hold persistence contextually different. They know obstacles, failing and struggle are part of the journey.

They embrace the challenges to learn, grow and overcome.

If you held persistence as a part of your process then the obstacles seem to fade away faster. Challenge makes you grow. Struggle makes you stronger.

When you decide that regardless of any obstacle that you are going to win, you will win.

If your perception is that persistence is tough then persistence will be tough. Perception is reality.

The victory is in the journey not the destination. If you look at persistence as a grind and tough I guarantee you it will be.

If you want to achieve anything worthwhile in your life you will be tested, you will experience failures and you will get knocked down.

Persistence is getting knocked down 7 times and getting back up 8.



Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill wrote this classic novel back in 1937 and his reference of Think and Grow Rich was not to go buy lottery tickets. There is actually a lot of real work you need to do.

You need to work on yourself and on your business. When you apply the three “P”s of success, purpose, passion and persistence you will find that you have some of the core principles that lie within all wealthy people.

Remember, success is not all about how much money you make. It’s about who you become on your journey.

I have talked to so many people who either read Napoleon Hill’s book or heard about it and only apply it to the concept of money. Wealth is something that exists in all areas of your health.

Lots of money and poor relationships and health is useless.

If you want to be successful in anything then adopt, learn and apply the three “P”s to your life.

Do you want to work with people that use the three “P”s as part of their core foundation? Do you want to ignite your passion?

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Key To Success


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