Think and Grow Rich…Is It That Easy…Really!

Is think and grow rich science or fiction?

Think and Grow Rich is a book written by Napoleon Hill back in 1938. Think and Grow Rich is one of the first books published that revealed in detail all about success and what it takes to succeed.Napoleon Hill was a writer for a newspaper  and was asked to interview one of the richest men in the world,Andrew Carnegie who was a billionaire back in the early 19o0’s. Napoleon Hill was asked to interview over 500 of the wealthiest men in America at the time and document the science of getting rich.Think and Grow Rich has probably had more influence on business people up to modern times than any book in history.Think and grow rich has certainly raised a lot of debate in business circles.

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The debate rages on about Think and Grow Rich….

Imagine if you were a poor southern news reporter in the 1930’s meeting one of the wealthiest men on the planet and he would give you access to the wealthiest people in the country. At the time Napoleon Hill did not realize it but he was put on a stop watch for a minute to make his decision to take on this task. Think and Grow Rich has changed countless lives because of the intensive material that Napoleon Hill covers about success.It has been discovered through many studies that many people grow up with a very distorted idea of what wealth is.If you ask a number of people you will get a varied response to what wealth represents to them.Most define wealth as having a lot of money.One of the people that Napoleon Hill interviewed was W.Clement Stone who started off life in poverty and moving on to selling newspapers and then insurance where he made millions.Earl Nightingale was a huge fan of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and worked his philosophy into his radio show and then into  what is now one of the world’s biggest personal development companies Nightingale-Conant.

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 Think and Grow Rich will stretch your mind….

When Napoleon Hill wrote the book he talked about the law of success that was integrated within the writing of the chapters.Ask yourself,what does think and grow rich mean to you?Many people have interpreted the book as being only about money.Unfortunately they missed the secret law of success buried deep in the words.Being rich and having true wealth is in all areas of life.Money is the currency that gives you different choices but it clearly has proven that it will not buy happiness.Love,joy and health  are three things that money will also not buy.Ask any financially wealthy person if they would trade their money for the health they often destroy obtaining money.Napoleon Hill talks a lot about positive mental attitude throughout his book. If you are searching for a positive like minded environment to build or expand your business then go watch the FREE video by clicking on the link.Click on the link now and discover a true think and grow rich environment.

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Think and Grow Rich chapter titles….

Let’s take a look at some of the chapter titles and you will quickly see that Think and Grow Rich is much more than a book about money.Titles like desire,faith,imagination and the brain bring to mind how important it is to develop yourself in all aspects of your life.Success is about fulfillment on the physical,mental,spiritual and emotional sides.Other chapters are about the subconscious mind,persistence,organized planning and intuition.One of the key chapters talks about the power of mastermind as Napoleon Hill had discovered that almost all of the most successful people had mastermind groups.It all starts with clarity of definiteness of purpose and knowing exactly what you want.The mind is a powerful tool that is under used and when you are totally clear on what it is that you want it just starts to show up.Think rich grow rich is symbolic of definiteness of purpose in all areas of your life.Do you want more out of life?Do you find that you struggle a lot?Are you living the life of your dreams? Click on the link below and watch the FREE video and you will discover a like minded community that will help you climb your ladder of success.Click here NOW.

Are you headed in the right direction with your thinking?

One prominent thing about Think and Grow Rich is that you can read it many times over your life and each time you will gain powerful new insights.When your mind expands you see things differently.Napoleon Hill discovered consistent patterns with the successful people and he talks about that in detail throughout each chapter.I have been fortunate enough to take several Think and Grow Rich courses and we would review many chapters and discuss them in detail.It was fascinating to see what each person experienced from the same words we were all reading.It is really about the place you are at in your life and understanding how important it is to know where you are going.It is your life and the choices and decisions you make take you down a certain path and at any given moment you can have a new beginning by making a different choice.Every day you have another now moment  to shift in any direction you desire.Get clear, get focused and get busy.If you are struggling to find your success click on the link below and take a look on the inside of an abundance mentality that is waiting to serve you.Click the link now.



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