Three Key Success Factors

Critical Success Factors that you need for achievement

No one ever said it would be easy, but it will be worth it. Success is a journey not a destination. If you are inclined to head down the path of success then you will need to master 3 critical success factors. They are consistency, contribution and commitment.

What do you want? Do you know? The starting point is always definiteness of purpose. Define what you want with absolute clarity because that is where your mind starts to work on aligning everything you need to achieve your goals.

If you state something like, “I want to make a lot of money” what does this mean? Be specific. $100 is a lot to one person who is flat broke and $1 million is a lot to others.

Success is not the case of random luck but rather a strategic plan with a blueprint or road map to get you there.

Success Factors

Success Factors

The first of the success factors is commitment

Your blueprint for success becomes engaged with a  process. Commitment is the core principle that keeps you on track because you gave your word. That’s what commitment is.

George Zalucki , motivational business coach, describes commitment as “Doing the thing long after the feeling that you said it with has left you”. That means doing it whether you feel like it or not!

When you initially make a commitment you are usually excited, pumped up and ready to rock. Then as time goes on this feeling fades. Commitment is first making and keeping your word with yourself.

Your word is your bond and if you don’t keep it with you who will you keep it with? Exactly, no one. Understanding that the road to success will have lots of potholes, bumps and bruises as part of your journey.

Having a commitment to positive thinking will help you smooth out some of the potholes. Commitment is about taking personal responsibility for what happens in your life.

George Zalucki also quotes” You have a responsibility to become all you are capable of becoming in this journey called life or so I see no valid intellectual or spiritual reason for existence. Too many people wake up in the morning and don’t even know why they are getting out of bed other than to survive. People get out of bed one of two ways. You need to decide which one you are. You are either “inspired” or “not inspired”; pick one! Because if you don’t shape your world with passion, this world will hardly notice you were here.”

Commit to yourself, commit to the process and commit to others.

Success Factors

Success Factors

The next success factor is consistency

Slow and steady wins the race. Every time you do anything you get a result. It may not be your desired result but you get a result.

There is a pattern that shows up in all successful people. One core principle of this pattern is that when there is consistency of action over and over the general result is an improvement.

If you ever played a sport, say like hockey, you know the first time you stepped on the ice you fell down lots, but you get back back up and do it again and again. The consistent pattern of getting back up and continuing on helps you to build resiliency. You also get better and one of the results of scientific studies shows that people feel better about themselves when they are getting good results.

Athletes, musicians, software programmers and all elite performers in any endeavour understand the rule of practice, practice, practice. The consistency of repetition allows you to carve off the rough edges and create your masterpiece.

Watching motivational videos will help to re energize you to keep going because once you realize that EVERYONE struggles from time to time with consistency, you accept it as part of the process.

Imagine that you were born with no legs and no arms! How would you go on? What purpose could you have? How could you possibly accomplish great things in life?

Watch the video below and you will see that your journey is not so bad.

Nick Vujicic: No  arms, no legs, no worries.

The third key success factor is contribution

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill. Everyone wants to feel like they are apart of something bigger than themselves. You are part of a family, a community, a state, a country and the world.

Having lots of things and being able to do cool stuff is all great. What gives us a sense of connection is our contribution. Its about what we give of ourselves to make the world a better place in small ways or in big ways for others.

Most people (clearly not all) feel a sense of purpose when they are giving to something versus receiving. More important than giving money or something is the act of giving of yourself. When you take your time and energy to give, the meaning is elevated.

Contribution does come in all shapes and sizes. Steve Jobs, for instance, gave us his creativity and innovation in technology. Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington give us a new perspective on life with their enthralling performances in movies. Wayne Dyer makes a great contribution by inspiring us with his words of wisdom.  The efforts of most parents to the family is one of the greatest measurements of contribution because children are the future.

The search for meaning in life is often best served by our contributions. Contributing to your own life and success is self satisfying but still important. Making contribution is the art of making a difference. It is one of the ultimate achievements you will ever accomplish.

Ignite your purpose with the three success factors

You become unstoppable when you create a commitment to achieve your goals, driven by determined consistency and defining your life by the contribution that you make to yourself and others.

Success is a formula much in the same way as baking a cake. Leave out one of the main ingredients and you will not like the outcome.

Its not about how much you get along the way but who you become on the journey. Apply these three success factors when your baking your success cake and enjoy the rewards.

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Success Factors

Success Factors


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