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How to be an internet marketing thief

When people first start out building their blog they often get stuck trying to figure out what will they write about. Are you looking for ideas for content creation?

Ideas are literally everywhere you look.

Once you train your mind and eyes to pay attention you will realize that all the ideas for content creation are right in front of you.

Napoleon Hill wrote his classic Think and Grow Rich, which was the most influential book ever written on success.

He wrote it back in 1937.

Most material on success has become an off shoot or excerpts of his famous book.

People learn something and then they put their own spin on it.

This has happened with books, ideas, sales copy and countless other material.

In essence almost everyone has become a bit of a thief, taking others work and creating their own unique perspective of that work.

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Sources of content for your content creation

One of the most common places is the books you read.

Now, I’m basing this on the fact that you are researching and studying books that are teaching you about the niche you have chosen.

Other great sources for content creation are coaching calls, events, webinars that you attend, podcasts, other articles that you read and power point presentations .

All of these sources contain tons of potential ideas for you to write about.

You do take notes, right!

Of course you do.

Guess what, you don’t have to be an expert about something to write about it.

Can you name one person who was an expert when they started?

Exactly, no one!

If you pay attention to what is being taught to you then you can put your spin on it and create your own version.

As you start this process of taking notes and turning those notes into blog posts then your mind will expand to capturing other concepts for your content creation.

Instead of what do I write about it will become which one will I write first?


Content Creation

Content Creation

Having an effective content strategy…

Now that you have tons of sources for ideas for content creation you need to design your content strategy.

First and foremost do not write crap irrelevant articles.

That is the quickest way to kill your internet marketing business before you even get started.

Your content strategy starts with a concept about your blog post.

Then you go to Google keyword tool and research the primary keyword and a few secondary keywords.

Make sure your keyword does not have too much competition so that you have a chance to rank higher on Google.

A great idea for your secondary keywords is to use the Google recommended keywords at the bottom of the page when you do a search.

Search your primary keyword and look at the bottom of the page and you will see 8 to 10 keywords and you select what you feel is relevant to your blog post.

Your primary keyword should be used between 1-2% which you can find in WordPress SEO by Yoast.

This is a plugin you will need for your blog.

Make sure you use your keywords in the paragraph headers.

Don’t worry about how great your writing is at first.

Start where you are and just get going.

As you progress your writing will get smoother and flow.

Practice, practice, practice.

Make sure you use relevant images and embed videos as images and videos have become more popular.

Content Creation

Content Creation

A brilliant content marketing strategy

Now you have worked on your content creation so how do you do the most important step which is promoting your posts.

One component of your content marketing strategy should be videos because you can use both Youtube and Facebook for FREE to get yourself out there.

It can easily be overlooked that both Youtube and Facebook are search engines.

Target your keywords so that people can find you on Youtube.

Post your video separately on Youtube and Facebook. Do not post your Youtube video to Facebook as it will get buried in searches.

Another excellent component to your content marketing strategy is to do a short 2-4 minute video about your blog post, talking about the bullet points and then linking to your blog post.

Videos show a real person talking and DON’T worry about it being perfect.

This video is a real connection that resonates with others so keep it real.

You can push your blog posts out to your social media accounts such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

Your post images will get captured on Pinterest and Instagram.

You can also join many groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ (make sure they are related groups to what your niche is) and push your posts out to these groups.

This will take you a couple of minutes once you get good at it.

You can also take your blog post and use Pingler to ping the search engines faster about your blog post.

It’s FREE. You type in your keyword and your post url .

Now you are off to the races to get traffic and subscribers.

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Content Creation

Content Marketing Strategy

Content creation for writing a blog

Once you have selected your niche, you want to go to work positioning yourself as an authority.

Writing a blog is all about you providing ongoing value for your potential followers and customers.

The more value you create for them the more often they will come back and pay attention to what you have to say.

Eventually (sooner the better) you are going to be offering products or services for sale and the more value you give for FREE the more likely your followers will buy from you. The Law of Reciprocation does work.

When you are writing a blog always keep in mind that ultimately people are seeking a solution to whatever their problem is and they like to buy from people they know, like and trust.

Serve your customers a lot of KLT burgers and they will become hungry raving fans.

The secret to success is following the successful blueprint of someone who has done what you want to do?

If an internet millionaire offered you a blueprint with a better way would you listen?

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Content Creation

Writing a Blog


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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  1. Lorraine Menza says:

    Learn, do , and teach is very powerful and makes you very effective; especially, if you tried out what you learned first, before you teach it. Your spin will be natural because you have made the effort to try out what you learned!

  2. Thanks for sharing David. I have always liked the way David Wood states, Learn, Do and Teach. When I read books, I like to jot down the summary in my own words, then do a blog post the one spot I am lacking in is videos. That is my next step, I know it will help to take my blog to the next level.

  3. Thank you for sharing these tips David! When you invest in yourself and when you sharpen your skills, there will always be new ideas for content!

  4. You really covered all the important points for creating great content David. Creating good quality content is key. And when it is valuable and helpful information, just like what you shared here, then visitors and readers will keep coming back for more!

  5. Superb content David. I used to overthink the whole process of content creation – until I really honed in on what I wanted to share with my readers and social media communities. Now that I have clarity I find I have a limitless amount of content to create. It’s all about serving your ideal customers and being of true value. Love all your tips – thanks for sharing the awesomeness!

  6. Ahhhh my fav topic. David, I use dot sweat at night worrying about what to share until I attended a Ray Higdon webinar and I realised i already visit the library weekly, why not read books that help my journey and That was it. Have never looked back. Paul and I also love to share our training knowledge and expertise.

    Content creation should be pre-planned.

    Every content creator should have a content diary. One that helps you keep on track and have an idea esp. when you get writers block. Google docs is a treasure trove for a content creator and marketer.
    ]I love your image of what it should be. so well put.

  7. Orlando gutierrez says:

    Wow david great post! I actually never thought of that… reading books on my niche… duh 🙂 thanks

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