Tips To Improve Your Self Image

Success is an inside job so it always starts with ourselves

When you look at the typical qualities of a successful person, it becomes clear self image will play a big role.

Jim Rohn, the infamous business philosopher stated, “that you should invest more on yourself than on your business.”

The challenge for most people is where to begin.

I have met thousands of entrepreneurs, many of which were very successful, and almost everyone talked about all the obstacles they had to overcome.

The biggest obstacle of all is with ourselves.

Most of these entrepreneurs that I have met grew up in households that were negative, non supportive in regards to your dreams and lacked inspiration of any kind.

If you take anyone that you know that has a poor self image chances are they are not successful.

If your self image is filled with doubt, fear and anxiety you will be inclined to take a job where someone tells you what to do all day.

Do you know anyone like this?

Poor self image will hold you back because you lack the self confidence to take on new things.

Self Image

Self Image

Awareness is the precursor to change

If you are looking at making improvements to yourself you must first become aware of your pattern of habits.

Most people do 89% of their daily activities on autopilot.

Throughout your life you have developed habits based on your beliefs about yourself.

A lot of this stems from your childhood and by the time you are an adult these habits are fully ingrained in you.

If you were raised with an attitude of you are not good enough, always being criticised and put down for any ideas you have you will suffer from low self esteem.

If you were fortunate enough to be raised in an environment of encouragement, told you can be anything you want to be and inspired to go for your dreams then you possess self confidence.

There is a huge contrast in these two environments and if you let this define you, you will experience a great deal of unhappiness.

Improving self image creates a major shift in your life

If you don’t have support and encouragement from family and friends then who do you turn to?

Once you become aware that the environment you are in is negative and critical you will either tolerate it or you will look for ways to change it and get out.

We can’t change others, and really, this is their job not yours.

Improving self image takes courage and effort on your part.

How To Build Self Confidence

How To Build Self Confidence

Everyone has a story about themselves that they have bought into.

This is usually based on how you grew up and past life experiences.

The cool part is that it is just a story.

You can choose to change what you believe about yourself anytime you want.

The past does not equal the future unless you let it define you.

Henry Ford had an expression, “If you believe you can or can’t you are right.”

Improving self image takes time and patience.


Ways to overcome low self confidence

One of the most difficult things you will ever experience if you want to be successful, is learning how to get out of your own way.

Low self confidence is something that sits inside you and waits for the opportunity to sabotage your plans for success.

It will raise doubt in your mind, it brings fear to the surface and then what often time happens is a big list of excuses.

Does this sound familiar?

No one enjoys being blamed or criticised, especially if you grew up with it.

Now that you are aware of this it is time to create change so you can live the great life you deserve.

Here are some things ( I didn’t say it would be easy) to work on to overcome low self confidence:

  1. Evaluate your friendships and if they don’t serve the new you,change them.
  2. Find people who are headed in the same new direction as you.
  3. Start reading positive educational books on personal development and business
  4. Challenge yourself on a frequent basis to do new things
  5. Create goals and take action every day towards achieving those goals
  6. Find a mentor(s) that can help you become more aware and help you shift in a new direction
  7. Accept yourself as you are and accept that it’s okay to begin where you are at.
  8. Be 100% honest with yourself all the time.
  9. Accept the fact that you will make mistakes, everyone does.

Follow these self confidence tips and you will start to see a new you emerging from within.

No one has the right to say you are not good enough

If you take a close look out in the world and examine the life of any person who has achieved anything worthwhile, you will see great stories of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The problem with all the successes you see, is that you only get to see the result, not the journey they took to become great.

You always have a choice to accept a life of mediocrity  or you can take on the challenges and obstacles with passion, determination and desire to be successful.

I’m talking about your definition of success.

When people (regardless of who it is) say you are not good enough, they are actually talking about what they believe about themselves.

Have you ever had a great idea and then you run to who, family and friends?

How many times do they shoot down your idea?

You have never done that, you have never been successful at anything or even stronger language like, you are too stupid to do that.

These are the people that are suppose to love you.

Remember, they are telling you their story about themselves.

You and only you get to choose what is your story that you believe about yourself.

Are You Stuck In Your Ways Of Thinking?

How to outwit and overcome the obstacles in your path

If you learn how to build confidence you will see your whole life change.

Is that not what you want?

What is that worth to you?

Typically when you try new things you are not very good at it.

Almost no one is good at something the first few times they try.

How To Build Self Confidence

How To Build Self Confidence

That is not a reason to give up.

Change comes about when you experience positive little differences in getting results.

Positive change then starts to create a new belief.

The more you practice the better you get.

I’m not just talking about things that make you successful in business.

Your whole life changes when you start to develop a positive self image and self confidence.

I started a business in construction when I was 24 years old.

I knew almost nothing about building a house.

So, I worked with people that did.

By the time we were building our third house I was getting  a lot better.

The key was I started to believe in myself.

You can apply this to anything you want to do.

It’s not easy, you will make mistakes and likely you will fail several times.

That’s okay.

You will learn and grow.

Get out of your own way today and start creating your life by design not by default.

Anything is possible!

Self Image

Self Image


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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  1. Great post, David! Thanks for sharing your story and 9 ways we can improve our self confidence!

  2. A lot of value here, great post David! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi David, Thanks for your article. I have had to work hard at advancing my self-confidence doing exactly what you tell us to do. I have had to rid myself of friends that sucked the life out of me, I listen to self- improvement audios and watch videos and follow others who are going where I want to go. Great Post. Thanks

  4. Great post. Any time you can make it personal, it impacts more people.
    Thanks for being vulnerable

  5. So much value packed in this post it needs 2nd an 3rd look and then again to truly sink in. Improving self image is an inside job. Someone else can help you with make up and how you dress but they cannot change how you see yourself. Only you can. Doesnt matter how much counselling yo get. So yes David you gotta Align yourself with people who uplift you and support your journey and you gotta look in the mirror and say all the wonderful things you wish to hear about you. Until they become your truth! Its your life and you gotta take charge of it 🙂

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