Toolbox of Life

Toolbox of Life
One of the best things that you can do to create success in your life is to invest in yourself.

When we invest in creating better life skills and business skills we, in essence, are building a better toolbox of resources that we can use to create a solution, to repair a mistake or a problem, or to just get better results.

Those with a better toolbbox give themselves the best chance to win in the game of life.

Less often for some, and unfortunately more often for others, errors are made. It is said, “to err is human”. So, is logic telling us that to be more human we need to make more errors?

The Good Entrepreneur

A good entrepreneur reaches into his toolbox, takes out the appropiate tool, and does the necessary adjustment or repair. A good entrepreneur takes good mental notes of the factors and variables that created this error, only to be able to sharpen the saw to avoid repeating it over and over.

Awakening Mind

As we live, we learn that there are numerous elements that play a role in our errors. One by one we live these out, developing our sense of awareness, reasoning, and deducing, to create the best results. After all, who wants to keep putting the same roof on the same walls, only to have them all fall down again? The famous scientist, Albert Einstein, said that the definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.


So, it would seem that after a hard day’s work, we go home and put the toolbox away until tomorrow – except – the wise man knows that the blade that cuts lots of wood needs a sharpening in order to be the most effective tool it can be. This is simply called preparation, which saves time and gets more proven results.

Invest in Yourself

You need to invest in yourself to give you a better sense of timing, balance for handling the emotional ups and downs, and lots of preparation to get the best results you can.

Discover a new you. After all, you are your best investment and your greatest resource, guaranteed!!!

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