Travelling The Road To Success

What is Your Perception of Success?

The interesting thing about success is that many people have a false perception about what it takes to achieve it. Success also has as many definitions as there are people on the planet. Too often success is defined in terms of how much money one has. To some successful is being a great parent, after all parents are raising the future generations. To some, it is about having  a happy, loving family life.To some, success is having time freedom to do what you want. To some, it is about how you can serve your community. It is important that the definition you equate with success is yours. 

Road To Success

The Illusion of Success

If you are living on the path of what other people want or expect from you, you will always be disappointed. Many people are caught in that trap that being successful is about being rich. Lots of people end up sacrificing their health to get money. Then they pay money to restore their health. The money trap will make you anxious about the future which means you are not living in the present. Their is an expression” Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that is why we call it the present.” It’s all about perspective because on your journey of whatever you have defined as success there will be obstacles and challenges. It’s all part of the journey.

Road To SuccessFinding Your Balance

Once you begin to understand that along the way there will be ups and downs it is important for you to find and maintain a balance. When you look at many peoples lives they are trying to juggle family, work(business), finances and personal time. It is a difficult task because there is no manual out there that deals with everything. Life happens and sometimes too much stress and pressure creeps in and you lose your balance. It is critical that you integrate personal development into your life. Lots of times you will see it as being associated with business but any time you invest in being a better you it spills over into all your life. The better coping mechanisms you develop, the more you can handle. It is common to make more mistakes if you lose control often.

Road To SuccessWhat is it All About? 

Once you define success in your eyes, you have to evaluate what you will give up in exchange because no one can do it all. Everyone has to make a sacrifice. Take being a Mom for example. What does a Mom have to give up to be a great Mom. A lot! One of the issues when people look at others who are successful, is that they don’t know the journey that person took to be successful. You only get to see the results at final stages. For example, the actor who wins an Oscar, how many years of struggle did they go through in order to first get recognized and then to get some key parts in a movie. Then the work starts in building their career to rise up to the top. Don’t be fooled by appearances because everyone who has ever succeeded has struggled and failed along the way.

Creating Your Priorities

One way for you to stay the course on your journey is to know your WHY. What is important to you? The more clarity you have in what you want and what are your core principles and values the better chance you have at maintaining your course of action. For instance, if family values are more important to you then wanting to be extremely wealthy may be incongruent with your goals. A question you may have to ask is “What will you have to give up in order to be successful?” Only you can define and decide this. Many people chose career over family, so therefore the family suffers. 

Find a Mentor

It is vital to your success to find someone who has achieved what you want and learn from them. This will help you avoid some of the potholes in hole. You all need help to get where you want to go. The sooner you recognize this the sooner you will start looking for the help you need. If you are looking for a business mentor to help you accomplish your goals click the link and see if this resonates with you. Working with people who have a pay it forward mentality is more fulfilling and rewarding.

Success is yours to discover..imagine!


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