Understanding Your PURPOSE in Life

Tara TaylorLife’s most universal question “what is my purpose or meaning in life”. We search far and wide to answer this question. We look to others to try to answer it for us. In reality we have had the answer within us all along. It is part of you when you are born into this world. You can choose to live your purpose to the best of your potential or just get by with it.

When I reflect back on my own life I see that when I spoke to friends and family about spirituality, behavior and helping others find their passions, I felt whole. I felt that I had made a difference in my life and in others and it came with ease and very naturally, it wasn’t something I had to change about myself, it was me and me gaining more and more knowledge about it. It was something that I did effortlessly and enjoyed learning more and more about it. I couldn’t get enough knowledge, it fueled me. The more I helped others with their lives and helped them to be the best they could be, the more I understood myself and that brought the best out of me. By using my intuitive gifts and just being in my natural state, I was whole and I could be of service to others, Wow it was that simple, I remember thinking to myself. The answer to your life purpose lies in who you are in your natural state and that natural state is with you from the time you are born. Your natural state is what you do and give effortlessly, it doesn’t take thought you just do the action and don’t look for praise.

If you are in a place where you just can’t bring yourself to do it and you find yourself unhappy even after you have finished or accomplished the goal and the finished project or situation doesn’t give you a feeling of freedom, that’s when one might want to look inside and ask the question why am I doing this. Also, when something in your life is not aligned with your purpose, no matter what you have in your life or what surrounds you, you just don’t feel fulfilled and you will find some sort of fault with every area of your life. Nothing seems to make you happy. One of the key factors that you are off track is that, you will always look for the negative in something, rather then the positive. Like the old saying you look at the glass half empty, not half full. And you also indulge in material things to escape. Such as possessions, food, alcohol, and drugs. When you are truly happy, one doesn’t feel the need to over indulge…one enjoys it, but not in excess.

When you find yourself indulging in these materials in life, I believe it is time to re-evaluate if you are now going into another cycle and/or beginning to do another purpose in this life time. When one is in resistance, they are resisting the flow of their natural state, which is ever changing and learning through the growth of your soul. That’s why we are here!

You will have many purposes in life and you will complete them in this life time, it is up to you when you decide to complete them. We have to remember time is man made and you can only follow your time within. When certain things are life purposes, if we choose not to do it at one time in our life it will come up again and again until we complete. We never miss the boat or miss our chance, it is up to the “self” to decide if it is ready to do it or not. Your purpose is not just random thoughts, it has a theme. When you ask yourself certain questions, you will see a theme or pattern form and that’s when you will start to understand your purpose in life and you can choose to express that purpose to the greatest potential or just get by with it. I hope that you choose to move mountains with it.

Listed below are some key questions to help you understand your purpose:
(Remember, your higher self speaks first and your ego speaks directly second)

If I only had….fill in the blank….I would want to be a..?
When I was little what did I see myself doing when I grew up?
What fascinated me about the world that was around me?
When I daydream, what am I doing?
What keeps re-occurring in my life that I always wanted to do?
I would love to do or be this, but?????

Through your answers to these questions you will see a pattern form and the last question is meant to stir up your ego, so you can see how your ego can show you why you are delaying and that the delay is just an illusion. I ask that you do these questions every three to seven years, just to see if you are on track and/or if you can be adding to your potential.

Do whatever brings you joy; believe me, abundance follows where happiness grows.

published with permission:  Copyright © 2009 Tara Taylor

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