You Have 8760 of These…Now What?

There is one thing  that makes us all equal

Time is the worlds equalizer.It is a non renewable resource that once its gone you never get back. If there is one level playing field for all of us it is time as we all get 8760 hours a year. No more, no less for anyone. The question is, what are you going to spend it on? Richard Branson, Bill Gates, President Obama, Michael Jordan and you and me all get 8760 hours a year. Its a fascinating thing to see how so many people end up after they have made their choices on how to spend their time. One person ends up a billionaire and one person with exactly the same amount of time ends up on social assistance. How could there be such a vast difference in where people end up  over the same 20, 30, 40,50 years?



It must be the education – right!

If you examine closely the biographies of the world’s wealthiest people you will discover that most of them don’t have a University degree. Richard Branson , who owns over 60 companies is dyslexic.Andrew Carnegie who was at one time was the wealthiest person in the world in the early 1900’s accumulated a massive wealth that would equate to 798 Billion dollars in today’s dollars. That’s more than 15 times the wealth of Bill Gates. Staggering. He did most of that with steel manufacturing and distribution and he claimed to know nothing about steel. He also did not have a university education.He formed a mastermind group who knew everything about steel. Steve Jobs helped form the richest brand in the world – Apple and he like Bill Gates dropped out of university.

Outliers – the 10,000 hour rule.

Malcolm Gladwell, the author of the book Outliers examined hundreds of successful people in all areas of life and one of the common denominators revealed was the amount of time elite people put in practising their craft whether it be sports, music, software programming or business. It was revealed that elite people committed to being their best, not by their IQ, not by their talent, not by their education but by the dedicated focus of relentless practise.Hard work pays off if you are serious about being the best at whatever you choose.

Where does all the time go?

Napoleon Hill wrote his famous classic Think and Grow Rich back in 1938 after studying 500 of the most wealthy people in America. How these people spent their time was one of the major factors in the achievement of their phenomenal success. One person chooses to watch TV while another would work on a project. Huge difference. Mind expansion versus mind numbing.

Out of 24 hours each day: 8 hours is for sleeping,8 hours for working,4 hours for TV and social media,2 hours for eating and household activities and 2 hours for leisure,sports and miscellaneous activities. This is an average day for most people. Its called choice at the end of the day. What is important to you? How much are all those mind numbing programs going to contribute to your dreams or success? No one really has any good excuses for not having what they want in life.



Are you busy or productive?

Its easy to get caught up in being busy. Busy running around doing errands, busy just going on to check one quick thing on your Facebook and surfacing 2 hours later, checking your emails the moment you wake up and slowly watching your 24 hours evaporate into thin every day. Does this take you closer to your goals or better still, do you have goals?

There was a study done at Princeton University of 100 students, of which they were asked who had goals and a life plan on how they were going to achieve those goals. These students were followed for over 25 years and at the end of the study it was determined that the 5% of those who had written goals and a life plan were worth the combined total of the other 95%. 5% of the students spent their time being productive and 95% were busy. How do you want to end up?

Who you spend your time with

Take a look around and look at the 5 people you spend the greatest amount of time with. If you take the average of all of them chances are you will fit within that defined area too. Friends often choose people who like to do the same things and if you ever try to break away from the pack your friends will likely try to pull you back in.

Only 5% of all people can actually afford to retire and live comfortably while 95% can’t afford to retire without financial assistance. 65% are dead or dead broke by 75. 95% of people spend their time running through life with no idea where they are going and no plan. Opportunity is everywhere but its not on the couch watching another mind numbing TV program.

Most people are really afraid of that famous 4 letter word

WORK. Maybe you don’t want to be a billionaire or an inventor or the creator of the next form of social media. Correction, everyone wants to be rich because when you survey people it is one of the top things on their list.Its just that work part they don’t want. I mean you want that big house, the nice car  oh and you love to travel. All that cool stuff you can buy.

One of the key factors besides the work that it takes to be successful is simply discipline. You need to set yourself up for success by exercising discipline, and its on all levels. Yeah, you want that new house, but if you really can’t afford, don’t buy it. You could have your friends over to show them the big fancy house you just bought,( wait a minute, doesn’t the bank own this place) or you could use financial discipline.

The same goes for your health, if you sit on the couch eating potato chips and drinking pop you end up overweight, and that NEW Years resolution to lose 25 pounds, how’s that working out for you, you need health discipline. You could go out drinking or spend quality time with the family. What discipline you choose to have or not have along with your plan will determine what happens as you roll through life.

Stop whining, complaining and blaming everything else for your life. Take responsibility and use to the best of your ability those 8760 hours you are gifted every year.




David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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